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AS Networks strives to deliver premium hardware, servers and storage solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations and help them to meet their business objectives. AS Networks provides hardware and storage solutions that are unparalleled in the market in performance, reliability and value.

The History

Founded in 2004, AS Networks' foundation is in the technology sector as one of the finest Enterprise Systems Business Solution suppliers in the country. Since then, we have created a reputation as an innovative independent Enterprise System Asset Lifecycle Enterprise Solution & Support nationwide.

When it comes to Asset Lifecycle, we will continue our relentless pursuit in providing companies with an efficient means in acquiring IT equipment along with the technical expertise to service, support & maintain the End-of-Life, End-of-Warranty and End-of-Support of any Enterprise Hardware with emphasis on value, customer service and ethical business practices

The team

passionate Professionals

Our expertise

AS Networks is comprised of two divisions: Information Technology Solutions Division (ITSD) and Technical Support Services Division (TSSD). AS Networks' philosophy is simple - to provide its customers with affordable and flexible solutions that meet their current and future needs for beneficial savings. AS Networks believes in forming a true partnership with its customers ensuring their best interests are served at all times. AS Networks firmly believes that our success is directly proportional to the customer's success.

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